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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

^ The disruptor-in-a-box scene is certainly a great one. It's a truly hilarious delivery from Auberjonois: "you're going to hit them with a box?" My sister, when she watched it with me, let out an involuntary giggle at that point. Oh, and "With what?" is near-perfect too. Odo's smugness is fantastic.

Obviously, the Root Beer scene has already been discussed, and its quality noted.

I also really like the Kira/Jadzia scene in the holodeck; I think the two characters work well together when the scene sets up a contrast between the two, their perceptions and their backgrounds. Jadzia's the "privileged" woman who grew up on a prosperous planet (and is also in the minority elite of her culture, due to being Joined) and whose trials and personal demons stem from introspective self-doubt and failures to live up to her full potential. Well, at first anyway (to acknowledge our ongoing Curzon Ascendant debate). On the other hand, Kira is a person from a war-torn world who struggled through hell to get where she is and whose demons are grounded in circumstance, external reality, and the trauma of action and experience. It's an interesting contrast that comes off well in this scene. I wish there were more like it.
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