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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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And after watching this video last week, it's nice that Worf is now on a show where his talents are respected.

Wow, that is hilarious

As for The Way of the Warrior, I can't really find much fault with it. A lot does happen quickly, but nothing un-happens, it's exciting, some of the character moments are amazing (other than the root beer conversation, I think my favorite is the bit between Odo and Quark about Rom stealing the disruptor), and the consequences are far-reaching.

I think that the knowledge of Worf's arrival as a ratings stunt tends to make it easy to underestimate how cohesive these events actually are, and how well they fit into the story overall. Rather than rushing toward a confrontation with the Dominion, we see the effects of the changelings working in the background, preparing the alpha quadrant for conquest.

Great stuff.

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