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I just came across the voice commands for ME3 and think that this is the way to go for games and a lot more in the future that brings us closer to having a Star Trek Computer voice interface.
Looking forward to seeing that at a friends place who owns a Kinect.. i'm not planning on getting one anytime soon since it's too imprecise for my taste and the games i've seen with it are either not my cup of tea or just plain boring.

Other thing:
Been playing the demo for the past few days and especially the Multiplayer and so far not very impressed from the technical side.

It takes ages to load (even when going back to the lobby) and many times you need to wait forever to for the 4th member to activate "Ready" to begin the game.. i know you can kick him but that too takes ages.
I also had so many failed connections or drops mid game that i honestly start to get worried.. the demo appeared a few weeks prior to launch and if it's this buggy and unrefined i'm fearing the worst.

I'm used to the fast response times in games like Modern Warfare 3 where the game loads quickly and the drops/disconnects from other players are also handled quick and ME3 doesn't even come close to that.
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