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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A. atavachron
B is for Begotten, The (DSN episode)
C is for Captains Log
D is for Deltans
E is for Earth. That mythical little insignificant third planet orbiting a small yellow star. It's inhabited by crazy and fanatical humanoids. According to the Vulcans.
F is for Fearless U.S.S.
G is for Gage, USS
H is for Harris (a high level Section 31 operative in the 22nd century)
I is for Irritation (a useless human emotion
J is for Julian Bashir
K is for Kira Nerys
L is for Leonard James Akaar. Teer of the Ten Tribes of Capella IV.
M. Mutara Nebula
N is for Nebula (both the astronomical phenominom and the Class of starship)
O is for Omega Directive
P. protomatter
Q is for Qapla!
R is for rabbit. As in the giant white rabbit that McCoy saw pull out a watch and declare that he was late. Cool; just saw "Shore Leave".
S is for Shuttlecraft Copernicus
T is for Tiberius
U is for United Federation of Planets
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