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Re: Fem Trekz: A Machinima Trek Series

I should have told you we were in a holding pattern so you weren't left hanging if it wasn't clear enough. And part of that lack of communication was because it was embarrassing to admit to you that I asked for your work and was not able to showcase it. The entire production was deliberately put off while I refined the toolset. At the time those screens were done I had produced a greenscreen screentest of the klingonz against backgrounds from Star Trek Online. I had a very different idea of how I was going to go about things. Now, however, not only did Butch retexture one of Xtranormal's sets, but we also have integrated a K'Tinga bridge from Bridge Commander. So things have changed a great deal, both technically and conceptually. There was no way to predict where we'd be today back then.

It changed because I wear two hats, which is to develop the show AND the toolset. So that is the see-saw that I'm on. I can not do both things at once. I have to keep switching off, and when I'm coding, then Fem Trekz gets put aside, even though ultimately it benefits from the R&D.

As the toolset expanded, I could see how Fem Trekz could be better than I originally thought. Before we brought in geometry I had discovered how to transplant meshes between different characters, which is what facilitated true Nemesis uniforms. Before that, Xtranormal released their TOS bridge, which completely changed my plans for how to handle the Earhart bridge. It's been a constantly moving target.

With all the videos down I don't think there is an appreciation for what has taken place behind the scenes. While there are things about it that makes me loyal, Xtranormal State, by itself, is really a half-baked animation platform and the only way Fem Trekz is even remotely feasible is because of the extensions I've developed and continue to develop. I say that not to ask for praise, just some semblance of understanding of the unique path this project is taking, and to acknowledge that I have in no way been twiddling my thumbs over the past year.

Not only that, since the time you made those screens I decided to exclude the Klingonz from my storyline long enough to give Butch a headstart. Yes, I used the klingonz in a couple of the demo videos, but none of those ever counted as "canon", so to speak. That's not to say I won't feature the Klingonz ever, and I may have very well contacted you again when I needed them, but I don't at the present time. I will ask Butch whether he'll use them. He has very specific ideas about look and feel and those screens were really specced out based on my ideas, not necessarily his.

I am fine admitting that it was a mistake to ask for those screens at the time that I did, and I apologize for that. If I knew production was going to be so far off in the future, I would have held off. Those are post-production screens used in the editing stage and only now is Butch starting to assemble what he considers "official" clips, and even then, he is cognizant that production methods will change when we get more sets integrated and cleaned up.

My entire timeline of when I thought I could enter official production was just totally unrealistic, but I would think that's not too uncommon in these sorts of projects. You live and learn, and nobody's perfect.
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