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Re: Am I the only one who loves SGU?

CorporalCaptain wrote: View Post
I was unable to make it past five minutes of the pilot. I was literally starting to convulse. So, no SGU for me.
Literally, eh? If a TV show makes you literally convulse, you either need to take TV less seriously or consult a physician. Or both.

Or you could just use the word literally properly.

TemisTheVorta wrote:
It was unwatchable garbage. If they wanted to jettison the silly-nonsense tone of Stargate, that's fine, but they do need to replace it with something good instead. They were trying to ape the gritty realism of nuBSG, and they failed. Utterly.
...this isn't a forum for Jersey Shore, so that's not the show being bashed to shreds here.
At first, you're absolutely right, they tried way too hard to be dark and gritty and failed. But the show did find it's footing and was certainly not unwatchable garbage by the second season.

And SGU is definitely not being bashed to shreds here. More of the comments in this thread have been positive than negative.
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