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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

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Someone should really have had a breakdown around the 5th year, someone with a lot left behind.

Actually, I would argue that everyone had a breakdown in the 5th year.

Janeway in "Night".

Seven in "Drone", "Infinite regress" and "Dark Frontier".

B'Elanna in "Extreme Risk", and "Nothing Human" and "Juggernaut".

Chakotay in "The Fight".

Kim in "Timeless" and "The Disease".

Tuvok in "Gravity"... if you consider that a "breakdown".

Neelix in "Once upon a Time".

The EMH already had HIS meltdown in season 4's "Latent Image", so he was spared the season 5 "dark night of the soul" that his organic counterparts went through.

The one that I liked the most, as you might guess... was the breakdown between Janeway and Torres. TPTB really tore those two apart and didn't "really" let them get back together until early season 6's "Barge of the Dead".

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