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Re: Best and Worst Villains in a Comic Book Movie?

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His killing Magneto's mother has nothing to do with his founding of the Hellfire Club. They're separate events.
Not when Shaw is trying to recruit him to the Hellfire Club.
The attempt to get friendly with a man whose mother you killed more or less on a whim was just grotesquely stupid.

His superpowers disappear so that he can be killed by a slow moving coin?.
They didn't "disappear". Prof X was keeping him from using them.
Yes, there is dialogue that would suggest that. But, fighting off a coin being shoved through your brain is more like a reflex than conscious use. Xavier suppressing Shaw's power at this point is more like keeping a drowning victim from trying to breathe. Worst than that, it's absurd to think that Xavier is in mental contact with Shaw and doesn't know what's happening. And if he knew what was happening but suppressed Shaw's power even in such desperate straits, then Xavier was just as much Shaw's killer as Magneto. Yet, plainly neither Magneto nor Xavier believe Xavier assisted in the kill. Ergo, Shaw's power just disappeared.

If it's any consolation, you are correct about Dr. Doom in the first Fantastic Four movie. Having Dr. Doom be a sorceror-scientist who happens to be jealous of his college friend whom he also blames for his failure to restore his mother to life by necromancy and his hideous scarring who seizes an entire postage stamp kingdom and achieves tremendous scientific power but foolishly neglects to kill his dearest enemy until said enemy accidentally gains superpowers, along with enough friends to keep said sorceror-scientist from every triumphing, and indeed, merely foolishly tagging along as best frenemy, eventually to be called Uncle Doom This would have been hard to fit into any movie, live action, comic book or original fantasy. Dr. Doom's origin and fixation on the Fantastic Four is a bloody mess, and the movie can't be faulted for not making a silk purse out of a sow's ear.
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