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Re: Best and Worst Villains in a Comic Book Movie?

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Also: Lord Voldemort,
not a comic book movie supervillain

Doctor Octopus, the Green Goblin,
both pulled back quite a bit from their comic book versions

General Zod.
was pushing the limit. He gets some leeway because it's a Superman movie.

Also that was 30+ years ago, and not relevant to the modern crop of superhero movies.

Green Lantern had its problems, but, IMHO being too comic-book wasn't the issue.
Lots of people thought otherwise. Many of the complaints centered to one degree or anther around the idea of it being "too out there" and "too cartoony" [read "comic book"]).

Hell, look at the top-grossing movies out there: Avatar, Harry Potter,
neither of them comic book superhero movies. Also, look how much they pulled the style of the HP movies back from the content of the books to make it more "real" and acceptable to the audience.

Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers, Clash of the Titans, Star Wars,
All not comic book superhero films.

Spidey is generally low key to begin with.

Granted, they're all not technically "superhero" movies, but it's not like they're exactly grounded in reality.
That's an admission at least.

Hell, Avatar was about giant blue-skinned cat people on another planet.
And was presented in a low-key, "realistic" manner. The Navi are basically stand ins for Native Americans. Their physical appearance aside, their culture looks Native American, acts Native American, etc.

And the Spider-Man movies were huge successes even with flamboyant comic-book villains.
Not as flamboyant as the versions presented in the comics.

"More realistic" doesn't necessarily equal better or more commercial. Audiences will accept wildly fantastic subject matter and performances if they're handled (or marketed) right.
The studios don't seem to think so...else we would have had Shakespearean Asgardians in Thor, etc.
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