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I guess I was doing lots of historical research about the Dark Ages and got too caught up in the idea of what a medieval lord's sheltered daughter would be like in real life, forgetting that that Underworld played by its own rules where vampires and lycans were concerned.
It does suit the period and it makes sense that she would turn Lucian's head enough for him to fall in love and go against the coven rules. And in the film it's exactly how Viktor expects her to behave and continually tries to make her into.

It is more the appearance that's the problem, Viktor stopped on sight which means, I assume, it was all about how she looked. Which such different hair and facial features it's hard to see any resemblance with the blonde Sonya.

Oh but since you mentioned the research it reminds me, I've tried to do some looking up of details on Hungary becaue of the book and a lot of the material online is poor or old, how did you find such detailed material?

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I should mention, though, that the UW folks were unusually helpful and accessible throughout the whole process. Danny McBride and Kevin Grevioux, in particular, were always happy to answer my questions about UW lore, if they were able, which is not always the case with movie tie-ins. Heck, they even invited me to the gala red-carpet premiere of the first movie--which, again, doesn't always happen!
Cool I read the brief author notes at the back and you mentioned being in correspondance with some of them, just wasn't sure how much sharing of info that would entail. Nice to know they helped out.

So, any hints on a possible Awakening novel?
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