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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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I've never head that. When were they planning on revealing it?
I don't know that it ever got that far. I think it was more that the writers had the idea, but were thinking in terms of keeping the secret for a while (in between seasons two and three), but then Piller basically said, "That's too good, you have to lead with it."

TheGodBen wrote: View Post
I'm torn on that idea.
Yeah, there are some good things about revealing it. Which is why I think the bigger problem is the way the virtual reality "twist" ends up dominating part II.

I think a good comparison is Call to Arms and the Occupation Arc. Imagine that six-episode story becomes a two episode story, and, in the 2nd part, we find out that a lot of what we've been seeing is just a dream or whatever.

I think The Search could/should have been a more ambitious mini-arc (similar to the Occupation Arc in scale), but the show just wasn't ready to do that yet.

The virtual reality plot that evaporates in Part II is the type of big, galaxy-shaking stuff that ends up actually happening later in the show, starting in Improbable Cause/The Die is Cast. So, I think the writers understood the letdown aspect and, obviously, moved beyond it.

I still find The Search to be really frustrating to watch. That said, following the show's evolution in fits and starts is one of the things I enjoy most about DS9, and this is part of that.
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