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Ahh, thanks for clarifying, there have been a few different stories in the fandom about how much was worked out at the time.

I was vaguely aware of the Marcus thing, I think one of the random shempees in the background of the Sonya flashbacks is listed in the credits of the first film as being him lol.

I didn't mind the book version of him, it was pretty close to the Marcus we ended up getting, and getting at least an idea of the awakening was a nice touch.

I liked the addition of Nicholae (spelling?), just the sort of hedonistic aristocrat I picture the coven having, moping around in excess most of the time and a complete contrast to Selene and the DD's.

Overall it's an interesting look at what the story would have been based only on the original film and had some good secondary characters, as much as I love RotL it suffers from a total lack of Sonya's mother.

But there's something about the blonde helpess "damsel" Sonya that made zero sense to how it stayed Viktors hand from killing Selene. That's the main problem I have with the older interpretation of her.
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