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I thought the producers had gone on record as saying they had always planned a trilogy with the prequel as part of it, but had to boot it from first to last in filming order?

Well anyhoo I noticed a lot of smaller details from the book that have been incorperated into the most recent three, that's something.
Back when I was writing Blood Enemy, the Underworld universe was still being worked out. As I recall, Danny McBride was writing the script for Underworld: Evolution at the same time that I was writing Blood Enemy, and I was occasionally picking his brain via email. (I remember that Marcus had not yet been cast yet, which is why the "Marcus" in Blood Enemy doesn't look anything like the one who eventually showed up in the movies.)

It was actually the movie people who suggested that Blood Enemy should be a prequel about Lucian and Sonja. At the time, I assumed that meant that they weren't planning to deal with them in any future movies. Imagine my surprise when, a few years later, the script for Rise of the Lycans landed in my lap!

Not that I objected to writing a whole different prequel. It was an interesting experience writing an "alternate" version of the same events. At this point, counting flashbacks, I think I've written the death of Sonja three different times!
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