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Re: Star Trek A To Z

.... Here is an updated listing of all previous lists!


A. Andorians
B. Bolians
C. Cardassians
D. D'Arsay
E. Earl Grey
F. Fencing with Guinan
G. Gorn
H. Hauling spent warp injector casings
I. Injecting Cordrazine
J. Jamaharon!
K. Klingon bastard!
L. Lithium cracking station on Delta Vega
M. Maquis
O. Orion Syndicate
P. Pakleds
Q. Q
R. Rajiin
S. Sto-Vo-Kor
T. Trilithium
U. United Federation of Planets
V. Valkris.
W. Wessels (Nuclear)
X. Xenopolycythemia
Y. Yamok sauce
Z. Zefram Cochrane Institute for Advanced Theoretical Physics

A. Aquiel Uhnari
B. Bun, Janeway wore her hair in one.
C. Chakotay
D. Distress (The crew of the Enterprise was in this state)
E. Exothermic Reaction
F. Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!!, it's a
G. Gomtuu
H. Harry Mudd
I. Iotians - from the TOS episode "A Piece of the Action". The Iotians inhabit the planet Sigma Iotia II.
J. J25, System. As featured in "Q Who"
K. kligat
L. Lizard (Charlie X turned that girl into one)
M. Minsharra Class Planet
N. N'Vek
O. Odan (the Trill on TNG)
P. Peter Preston (i should get double score
Q. Quantum Slipstream Drive
R. Rasmussen
S. Samuel Clemens
T. Toroidal antenna
U. USS Enterprise
V. Vulcans
W. Weyoun
X. Xhosa (Freighter captained by Kasidy Yates)
Y. Yates, Kasidy
Z. Zakdorn

A. Akira Class
B. Balok
C. Cheese (get it to sickbay)
D. Denobulan
E. European Hegemony
F. Ferengi Rules of Aquisition
F. F: FFFFFFaaaiiilllll
G: Guild of Restaurant and Casino Employees
G. Gowron
H. Hypospray
I. Isolinear Optical Chips
J. James T. Kirk
K. Kirok
L. Linguacode
M. Minshara Class Planet
N. NuqneH
O. Omnicron Ceti III
P. Potemkin, U.S.S. (NCC-1657)
Q. Quatloos on the newcomers forgetting more letters as we continue!!!
R. Riker, William T.
S. Sisko, Benjamin L.
T. Tantalus Field
U. Ugly Giant Bags of Mostly Water
V. Venus Drug
W. Wictor - Part of Chekov (Pavel Andrayovic)'s Ensign Authorisation Code!
X. X-wing (..... Yikes! Wrong thread AND wrong galaxy!)
X. Xon
Y. Yridia
Z. Z-​​minus ten thousand meters

A. Amanda Grayson
B. Blue Bolian Barber
C. Constellation Class Ship
D. Damage Control Teams
E. Excalbia
F. Freeman Dyson
G. Guinan's Big-Assed Gun
H. hyronalyn
I. Iconian Gateway discovered on Vandros IV
J. Janeway's multiple personalities
K. Kalomi (Leila) and Kapec (Rayna) - "Old girlfriends we'll never meet again."
L. Liver
M. Mangy Mugatu (malady requiring Mahko root medication!)
N. Norpin Colony
O. Olympic, USS
P. Pants (Uhura rarely wore them)
Q. Quasars
R. Romulans
S. Space -- The Final Frontier...
T. These are the voyages.....
U. United (Enterprise episode)
V. Vulcan Death Grip
W. wompat
X. ?
Y. Yonada (the asteroid ship from For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky)
Z. Zeon (Planet from TOS "Patterns of Force")

A is for Allasamorph
B is for Bloody Cardassians!
C is for Cochrane's Companion
D is for Dilithium
E is for Elaan's Elassian Tears
F Farragut U.S.S.
G Groppler Zorn
H is for Hathaway U.S.S.
I Idran a star near the Gamma Quadrant terminus of the Bajoran Wormhole, explored in the 22nd Century by the Quadros 1 probe.
J is for Jem'Hadar
K is for Kirok
L Lucasian Chair, held by Data in Q's Anti-time alternate universe. (All Good Things)
M is for Minshara Class Planet (of course)
N is for Nerds who play Star Trek A To Z games
O Omega Directive, The
P is for Peter Kirk
Q is for Qo'nos
R Roykirk, Jackson (NOMAD Probe)
S is for Salamander
T is for Terok Nor
U is for Undiscovered Country, The
V is for V'Ger(sorry, Venus drug has already been used)
W is for 'What You Leave Behind'
X is for XO (As in Number One, Spock, and Riker.... not "A Kiss & A Hug"!)
Y Yridian
Z is for Zimmerman, Lewis

A is for Axanar
B is for Bochra
C is for Commodore (Rank)
D is for Doomsday Machine destroying disheveled Decker
E is for Eleven, Warp speed the Enterprise travels at in Any Other Name
F is for Fereginar
G is for Gary Mitchell
H is for Hobo who accidentally vaporizes himself in CotEoF.
I is for Intrepid U.S.S.
J is for Jalad
K is for KHAANNNN!!!!!!!!!!!
L is for Landru ("Return of the Archons")
M is for McCoy
N is for "Nightingale Woman" by Phineas Tarbold
O is for Oberth class
P is for Practical Joker from the Animated Series
Q is for Quinteros, the Starbase Commander
R is for Robau
S is for Spock's Brain
T is for Tanagra
U is for Ulians
V is for Vina
W is for Warp Drive (obviously).
X is for Xindi
Y is for Yeager Class
Z is for Zetar (where "they say the neon Lights are bright"!)

A is for Antedeans (a handsome race )
B is for Berengaria VII (Spock states 'Here be Dragons')
C is for Captain (Rank)
D is for Donatra, Commander
E is for Elim Garak
F is for Forced mindmeld
G is for Gomtuu
H is for Holoaddiction
I is for "I... have had... enough... of YOU!!!"
J is for Jupiter (Largest Planet on the Sol System)
K is for Krenim Imperium
L is for Legarans
M is for M-5
N is for Nova Class
O is for Omicron Ceti III
P is for positronic braaaaaiiiinnnns
Q is for Q, who thought the USS Enterprise-D was quietly quaint.
R is for "Regards to Captain Dunsel."
S is for Second Star to the Right (And straight on 'til morning.)
T is for T'Pol touches tentative Tripp Tucker therapeutically
U is for United Star Ships (assorted)
V is for Victory H.M.S.
W is for Wesley. Bob Wesley. Commodore Wesley for you civies.
X is for X (Charlie)
Y is for Yonada
Z is for Zero G

A is for "All I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by" - dedication plaque USS Defiant
B is for "There BE whales in here Captain!" lol.
C is for Captain Hikaru Sulu of the U.S.S. Excelsior
D is for Dagger of the Mind
E is for Enterprise
F is for Fek'lhr
G is for Green-skinned Orion slave women. The less clothes the better.
H is for Horta
I is for Impulse Speed
J is for Jim
K is for "Kahless the ......?.." uhm.... umm.... HMM! I forget.......
L is for Lantree U.S.S.
M is for Mr. Atoz
N is for Naussicaans
O is for Obsidian Order organizing offensive in Orias system
P is for Pazlar, Melora
Q is for Quinn quelled the quarrelsome quartet into quiet as he quantified a quasar while quaffing his quadrotriticale.
R is for Reginald Barclay
S is for Star Trek
T is for T'Pau
U is for Ugly bags of mostly water
V is for Valiant U.S.S.
W is for Wiles, feminine - T'Pol had theses.
X is for Xceiver. "Setting Xceiver circuits to manual." Gary Seven's computer.
Y is for ?
Z is for Z-Particle

A is for Apple (Kirk's favourite fruit)
B is for Betazoid
C is for Ceti Alpha V
D is for Denebian slime devil (not to be confused with James T. Kirk)
E is for Enterprize H.M.S. (One of the firstships to be named Enterprise)
F is for Farrell, Terry
G is for Genesis
H is for "Hauling garbage" (proposed mission for NCC-1701, but Scotty expressed some disapproval)
I is for I Borg
J is for Jericho, which Kamala (the empathic metamorph) compared Picard's resolve to the walls of...
K is for Kamen
L is for Lollipop, USS
M is for Menos
N is for Narendra III
O is for Ore processing
P is for Pineapple (which JJ joked that Star Trek XII might be subtitled)
Q is for Quantum Phase Inhibitor (or Tox Uthat, if you are vacationing on Risa)
R is for Richard Robau, Bad-ass Starfleet Captain
S is for "Stella... SHUT UP!!!
T is for Tin plated, overbearing, swaggering dictator with delusions of godhood (brought to you by the letters D and H)
U is for Universal Translator (needed since Starfleet lacks both Babel Fish and Tardises...)
V is for Voyager, U.S.S. Named after the famous 20th Century minivan. Captained by a soccer-mom.
W is for "Wolf in the Fold" (TOS episode)
X is Xenobiology
Y is for Yosemite (U.S.S. Yosemite, where Reg Barclay had a bad transporter experience)
Z is for Zenite (TOS: "The Cloud Minders")

A is for Andorian shingles
B is for Botany Bay
C is for Captain Kurn
D is for Data's beard
E is for "Excellent idea, Sir!"
F is for Federation Day
G is for Gomtuu
H is for "Help me Spock!"
I is for Iridium Patch from STVI. Spock goes "Here, let me slap this big Iridium patch on your shoulder Captain. Nobody will see it, even though it's big and a black on a red uniform and at eye level. Sure nobody will see it." Stupid Klingons.
J is for Janeway
K if for Kronos One, the ship full of the stupid Klingons who missed the Iridium Patch.
L is for Leeta
M is for "Moogie" (Leeta's mother-in-law)
N is for Nog, Moogie's grandson.
O is for Obsidian Order
P is for Polarity, which Scotty usually has to reverse.
Q is for Quarantine. Tripp and Hoshi were kept in quarantine in the episode "Observer Effect".
R is for Radiation
S is for shore leave
T is for T-negative, a rare Vulcan blood type, both Sarek and Spock have this type.
U is for U'tani, a race from the Enterprise episode 'Rajiin'
V is for Viewscreen
W is for William "Tiberius" Shatner. I got W again.
X is for Xanthras III, was the destination of the Enterprise-D after her mission to the Gamma Erandi Nebula in 2366. (TNG: "Ménage à Troi")
Y is for Yeoman(I don't care if it's already been used, I'm still pissed that I didn't get 'W'...Weyoun was supposed to be MINE!!!)
Z is for Zakdorn

A is for Aenar
B is for Babel
C is for Cyrano de Bergerac (TNG The Nth Degree)
D is for Delta Vega
E is for "E Plebnista" (Yang Worship Words)
F is for Federation Funny Farm
G is for Gobfly
H is for Home (ENT episode)
I is for Iotians imitating gangsters
J is for Just plain, simple Garak
K is for Knife spelled with a "K" and not an "N".
L is for Lenore Karidian. No way in hell she was 17. If she was; why was Kirk hitting on her? Do they not have the concept of jailbait in the 23rd Century?
M is for Mars defense perimeter
N is for Nana Visitor
O is for "Old Man"
P is for Photon Torpedo
Q is for Dr. Dalen Quaice, Beverly Crusher's old friend and mentor
R is for Redemption
S is for Spacedock
T is for Tuvok
U is for Utopia Planetia. Where the Enterprise-D was built.
V is for Dr. Simon Van Gelder, an insane (and a very sweaty!) man. (Of course, who can blame him for his condition, considering what he went through on Omega IV.....)
W is for Wormhole
X is for Xarantine
Y is for "Yes Sir!"
Z is for Zek, Grand Nagus

A is for Annorax
B is for B-4
C is for City On The Edge Of Forever
D is for Deneb IV
E is for Emissary of the Prophets
F is for Fine women
G is for Gothos
H is for Humor- "A difficult concept."
I is for Ilia
J is for Jack Pack
K is for Kor. A slimy little Klingon paper-pusher if there ever was one. He would have made a good Ferengi.
L is for "Logic is a twittering little bird, chirping in a meadow. Logic is wreath of pretty flowers that smell BAD."
M is for Mudd's Women
N is for Nanclus, Romulan Ambassador
O is for Oberth Class Starship
P is for Penk
Q is for Q
R is for Replicators. They sure make life easy when you're out toolin around the galaxy.
S is for Senator Vreenak
T is for Tyler- Jose Tyler, navigator on Captain Pike's Enterprise
U is for Uniform
V is for Veridian III
W is for Wrath
X is for Xindi Aquatics
Y is for Yesterday's Enterprise
Z is for Zoe Saldana.

A is for Anton Karidian
B is for "Beyond Antares" (Enjoy the music, Riley- but watch what you drink when the Karidian Players are aboard!)
C is for Cestus III
D is for Dathon and Picard at El-Adrel
E is for Exo III
F is for Fat around Captain Kirk's middle
G is for Gilgamesh and Enkidu at Uruk (Picard's tale for Dathon)
H is for head. "Corridors and turbolifts everywhere. Where's the damned head?! 430 crew onboard and they've got to pee somewhere!"
I is for Iconian gateways
J is for Jumja Stick
K is for Kirk, Samuel. Brother to James T. Kirk
L is for Lore. Brother to Data.
M is for Minuet
N is for Narendra III, Battle of. Where the Ent-C crew with great honour at the lose of their own lifes defending a Klingon colony from the Romulans. cementing a Federation-Klingon alliance
O is for Obsession
P is for Patrick Stewart, portrayer of Picard.
Q is for Q
R is for "Remember" what Spock says to McCoy as he melds with him in WoK before Spock enters the reactor chamber. Oh, R for Reactor also.
S is for Spican Flame Gems
T is for T'Pau, the only person ever to turn down a seat on the Federation High Council
U is for Underspace
V is for Valeris the Vulcan Vixen
W is for warnog
X is for xenophobia. Dr Phlox got a taste of it when Enterprise returned to Earth after resetting the timeline.
Y is for Yesteryear
Z is for Zylo eggs- the subject of Data's first attempt at painting

A is for Armogosa Observatory.. which got hammered in Generations.
B is for that Baseball on Sisko's desk
C is for Calrissian chameleon (Star Wars reference in A Night in Sickbay)
D is for Deuterium (a Heavy Hydrogen Isotope used as the matter part in the M/AM reactor)
E is for Edward (Miles O'Brien's middle name)
F is for Federation Starship Enterprise
G is for Gravity Boots (Star Trek VI: TUC)
H is for "Headin' Out to Eden" (Yea, Brother!.... Grab your Bicycle Rim Harp & join in!)
I is for "I'm omnipotent again!!" -Q
J is for Jean-Luc Picard
L is for Lexington, U.S.S. (NCC-1709) Commodore Bob Wesley's ship in "Ultiomate Computer".
M is for Majestic U.S.S
N is for Navy-man, Malcolm Reed came from a long line of
O is for Omicron Theta
P is for PHASed Energy Retification, the process of a Phaser's working.
Q is for Quantum Torpedoes
R is for Reactor Breach. Which seems to happen too easily on Federation starships, given the level of technology they appear to have. Nobody ever just shuts off the fuel flow to the reactor. Too easy.
S is for Shirtless Sulu in "The Naked Time"
T is for T'Pol and T'Pau's mindmeld
U is for Urination, which is what Zephram Cochrane said he needed to do to get away from the Enterprise's awe-struck crew.
V is for Vaal
W is for Walker Keel
X is for XO or Executive Officer. Which some starship captains refer to as Number One.
Y is for Yuta (of the Clan Tralesta)
Z is for Z-Particle

A- Armory (storage place for weapons and ammunition)
B- Bolian (blue-skinned race)
C- Communications (station commanded by Ensign Hoshi Sato)
D- Degra (Xindi council member who helped ENT in 3rd season)
E- "E2" (73rd episode of ENT)
F- Fire Wolves (name given to creatures in "Rogue Planet")
G- Grappler (used before tractor beams)
H- Hypospray (injections that don't puncture skin)
I- I.S.S. Enterprise (mirror universe "Enterprise")
J- Jupiter Station (starfleet facility on Jupiter, mentioned in "Silent Enemy")
K- Klaang (Klingon in "Broken Bow")
L- Lieutenant Reed (Chief of security and Armory officer)
M- "Marauders" (32nd episode of ENT)
N- NX Class Starship ("Enterprise" is of this class)
O- Orion (green-skinned race)
P- Phase Cannon (Reed improved this weapon to fire while at warp)
Q- Quarantine (isolation from rest of ship)
R- Regulan Bloodworms (used on Degra in "Stratagem")
S- "Shadows of P'Jem" (15th episode of ENT)
T- Terra Prime (xenophobic terrorist organization)
U- Under-shirt (black shirt worn under jumpsuit)
V- Vissian (three-gendered race in "Cogenitor")
W- Water Polo (Archer's fav sport)
X- Xindi (race from the Delphic Expanse)
Y- Yridian (information dealers in "Twilight")
Z- Zefram Cochrane (inventor of warp drive in 2063)

A is for Akira class starship
B is for Big Boobed Borg
C is for Chester (Liam Bilby's cat that O'Brien adopts)
D is for Damar
E is for the Enterprise E. NCC-1701E. Sovereign class.
F is for the 'Formal Dance in the bowling alley' (as decreed by Captain Kevin Thomas Riley)
G is for Gowron groped Geordi gingerly and George Takei said "Oh my!"
H is for Hover Ball (only ONE of the 'sports' that Picard could have enjoyed with a smokin' hot, accomodating Risian- if he would only have gotten his head out of his book, grabbed his Horga'hn, and gotten in touch with his inner James T. Kirk!)
I is for Ingraham B (site of mass insanity outbreak)
J is for Joyful Joval justifiably judging Picard jamaharaon-ready.
K is for Kelinda. One smokin hot Kelvan invader from the Andromeda galaxy that took over the Enterprise. Only to be outsmarted by Captain James T Kirk.
L is for La Forge. A sign that appeared to the Boraalans appeared to travelers as a sign of good luck and fortune.
L is for a Lieutenant named Shea who was lucky enough to not have his dehydrated "essence" crushed into powder by those Kelvans. Unlike poor Yeoman Thompson.
M is for M-5
N is for Nero
O is for Odo
P is for Pavel Chekov
Q is for Quadrant. As in the USS Enterprise is the only ship in the quadrant. Again. As in the Alpha Quadrant? Is everybody else on vacation? I guess Risa's in the Beta Quadrant and the rest of the fleet is there for a giant beach party.
R is for Risa
S is for Sargon
T is for Tal Celes
U is for Undiscoered Country, The (film) plus the future of peace with the Klingons
V is for Veruul. A Romulan curse.
W is for "What?!"
X is for Xanthan bazaar. Where the Enterprise NX-01 went looking for Trellium-D but ended up with a concubine for Captain Archer.
Z is for Zarabeth(who had a fling with Spock) or Zar (Spock's son, from the novels)
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