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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

They were pushing Chapel and Spock together for a few episodes in the beginning I thought int he beginning?


TOS doesn't fuck around.

Every woman on that show is for kirk to bang and the audience to eyefuck.

(With their eyes, not in her eyes, you sick puppy.)

Women were objectified.

To the bone.

because TOS happened a long time ago it's tolerable.

It gets a pass.

More than tolerable.

(Ask the cast of Mad Men.)

It's a loophole.


In modern days.

1. Women are people.

2. Women have feelings.

3. Actresses are artists.

4. Actresses are not called actresses any more, they're called actors.

5. Women might be sexual beings, but they're not sexual beings for you, so keep your pants on.


I think the gender in question has painted themselves into a corner because if beautiful women demand to be treated like ugly men, then they're going to be treated like ugly men, and that's no fun for anyone.
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