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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

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While this is true Trek itself is pretty sexless. .
Come again? Remember TOS? It may seem tame by modern standards, but they were definitely going for sex appeal from day one. "
But the same can't be said about the series that followed. Even ENT with it's decon chamber and neuro pressure isn't sexy the way, say, River Song is with the Doctor. And that's also a family show. ENT made a feeble effort at being sexy but the other shows it's all down to subtext. Even TOS.. where is the sexual tension other than in subtext land?
Aside from Kirk romancing a beautiful female guest-star every third episode? And all those skimpy costumes?

"What is this thing you call kissing, Earthman?"

Granted, there were no romantic subplots between regulars. Back in those days, that's what guest-stars were for . . . .
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