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Re: Am I the only one who loves SGU?

Ok, hated the first half of season 1. Slow pacing, characters I had very little interest in and quite frankly the visits to earth were crap. Sure, the first thing I'm gonna do when I can visit family is go clubbing....frak that! For the longest time the ONLY character I liked was Dr. Rush. He, I understood. Everybody else for the most part were forgettable for me. When Lou Diamond Phillips made his transition from ass to human I was totally into that character. I can understand wanting to get the right people there and the civilians home. I hope that they continue the series in comic book, novel or something. Loved the first 6 years of SG1. LOVED Atlantis, but SGU once it got the momentum had lost the fans who could have carried it on. What can ya do though.
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