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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

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Well, the Doctor's main assistant is a pretty big job by itself.
Do you remember who was his main assistant after Kes left?
I actually think they gave Kes psychic abilities in an attempt to make her like Troi--to be able to sense the presence or intentions of various mysterious aliens.
She had more to do at the point when she left than Neelix did. He wasn't even needed as a guide at that point. All he had left was being a cook and a self-appointed "morale officer."

Kes was more valuable to the crew than he was.
The studio and the producers felt differently.

his main assistant apart from Kes was Tom Paris, both while she was there and after she left. And yes, I get that your real point was "it's not that important a job because we hardly ever saw an assistant for him after Kes left," but actually I think giving Holodoc an assistant added to realism, and having him work virtually solo in the later part of the series was kind of silly.
It exposes a flaw in the idea of EMH as the ship's chief medical officer. It implies that the Voyager had no other doctors in the medical staff at all or that they were all conveniently killed at the same time, including those that may not have been on duty at the time the ship was tossed into the Delta Quadrant.

But even a junior lieutenant in the medical department could have taken over as chief medical officer with the EMH as his or her assistant.
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