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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

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Kes is still wearing a catsuit in that picture.
You just need to face up to that fact.
You need to face up to the fact that it's not really that different from any other women's outfit worn during 24th-Century Trek. Nearly all of them were formfitting one-piece "catsuits."
So you just admitted that Kes is in fact wearing a catsuit then. A catsuit is defined as a close fitting women's jumpsuit, exactly what many of the Trek characters wore. It just happens that Seven's was much much more elastic and tighter than others. Personally I preferred the catsuits of Kes/T'Pol since the material was nicer.

See, there's her red catsuit.

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The drug-use rumours (whether true or not), set off by her bizarre public appearances were quite rampant at the time. Sure, only a tiny percentage of viewers actually attend conventions, but the negative publicity for the Star Trek brand was potentially just as wide-spreading in the media as the more positive one of Kim being named as one of 50 Beautiful People.
Well I can't really speak for what it was like back in 1996 but there are false rumors about celebrities all the time, doesn't mean they get fired from their tv shows though.

Regarding writing for Kes. I can definitely see how it was EASIER to "write" for Harry Kim since he could easily get a ton of filler lines each epiode, but it was clear the writers weren't interested in his actual character. As Wang has said himself, Kim was a cardboard cutout whose main function was to just spout out shield percentages and such. Kes was a character who didn't fit into that easily definable Trek role and as such the writers needed to make an actual EFFORT with her, which was clearly too much for some of them - although not all, as I said, its obvious Kenneth Biller didn't approve of getting rid of Kes, no small coincidence since he wrote her best episode that was the best use of all that made her unique "Before and After".

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could someone pin a statement to the top of the voyager section or something saying the whole 'kim was meant to leave, but the poll said no, so kes was picked etc, etc' because this topic comes up so often and seems pretty much common knowledge on here

and there doesnt seem to be anything new to say on the subject.
Now really, if we all stopped talking about things which had been addressed before, the forum may as well close down.
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