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Re: Best and Worst Villains in a Comic Book Movie?

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Well, the most wasted Comic Book Villain has to be Doctor Doom. The FF movies work as fun family films to some extent, but there's no denying that they completely dropped the ball with Doom. Turning a classic, larger-than-life super-villain into just another smarmy corporate type is like turning Goldfinger into a crooked accountant!
Greg, the rule of LA superhero films is "pull it back, make it 'more real' ". Classic Doom straight out of the comic would go over like a lead balloon...

Two words: Darth.Vader.
Also: Lord Voldemort, Doctor Octopus, the Green Goblin, General Zod.

Green Lantern had its problems, but, IMHO being too comic-book wasn't the issue. Hell, look at the top-grossing movies out there: Avatar, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers, Clash of the Titans, Star Wars, Spider-Man. Granted, they're all not technically "superhero" movies, but it's not like they're exactly grounded in reality. Hell, Avatar was about giant blue-skinned cat people on another planet. And the Spider-Man movies were huge successes even with flamboyant comic-book villains.

Heck, if the X-Men movies can get away with a naked blue shape-changer (among other things), I think an FF film can get away with an imperious masked monarch . . . .

"More realistic" doesn't necessarily equal better or more commercial. Audiences will accept wildly fantastic subject matter and performances if they're handled (or marketed) right.

(Oh, I confess it took me a second to realize that that "LA" was an abbreviation for "live-action." At first I kept wondering what Los Angeles had to do with it!)
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