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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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I need some help. I need to clear some space of off my Nook wishlist, so I was going to buy a couple books, but I have several I'm debating and I was hoping for advice.
I want to get two of these, I just not sure which two I should get. And in an attempt to continue expanding my horizons beyond Trek I only want to get one Trek book.
Dresden Files bk 5: Death Masks
A Song of Ice and Fire bk 2: A Clash of Kings
ST: Cast No Shadow
STVOY: Children of the Storm
What a coincidence! I'm currently reading Death Masks (Dresden Files bk 5). Since it follows up in large part on the events of the previous book (with new mayhem thrown in), I'd recommend it. I'm only a few chapters in, but I'm enjoying it.

A Clash of Kings is waiting in my to-be-read pile.

I haven't read Cast No Shadow yet, so I can't comment on it.

I really liked Children of the Storm, and recommend that be your Star Trek purchase. It's a terrific story, with some nice character exploration of both screen characters and new literature characters.
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Actually I'm thinking I will go with CotS and Death Masks. I just read GOT so it seems like a good idea to work on one of the other series I haven't just read, and I've heard nothing but very good things about CoTS.
I did get the books last night.
The formatting for COS is kind of annoying though, there's a weird rectangle under the title on the cover, the title page covers only about the top right quarter of the screen, and the text of the actual story starts on the very far right edge of the screen. It's so far over it's almost hard to read.
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