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Re: Am I the only one who loves SGU?

I liked the show as well. I liked it's attempt to make Stargate more sophisticated, and I thought it had some pretty clever and nicely shot moments. From a stylistic and production standpoint, it was excellent. Looking back at the actual storytelling though, I think the "slow burn" may have been too slow. As for the characters, they took some getting to know, but once I did, I came to really enjoy the naturalism and camaraderie we got. I'm also one of the few people who liked the stones. I found them to be an excellent scifi idea and plot device.

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In general, people who liked the other Stargate series didn't seem to like SGU, and people who didn't like the other series seemed to like it.
I'm one of those. Sort of. I liked SG-1 back in the day, but lost interest in Atlantis in part because it didn't have the ambitious quality that other shows like BSG and Lost had. SGU, with it's attempt to inject that same energy into Stargate, brought me back to the franchise. SGU even got me to go back and finish Atlantis.
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