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Re: Best and Worst Villains in a Comic Book Movie?

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Well, the most wasted Comic Book Villain has to be Doctor Doom. The FF movies work as fun family films to some extent, but there's no denying that they completely dropped the ball with Doom. Turning a classic, larger-than-life super-villain into just another smarmy corporate type is like turning Goldfinger into a crooked accountant!
Greg, the rule of LA superhero films is "pull it back, make it 'more real' ". Classic Doom straight out of the comic would go over like a lead balloon. That was one of the problems Green Lantern had...too "comic book".

The superhero LA films that work have all "pulled it back", if they weren't already fairly well grounded. That's why they lost the "Shakespear-ian" Thor dialogue. Conversely, that's why Iron Man stands out as being really good...not a lot to pull back. The suit is "super tech" to be sure, but sci-fi gets more leeway and Iron Man comes off more as sci-fi than "capes and tights".

My noms for Best and Worst:

Best - Magneto in First Class

Worst - Blackheart (Ghost Rider)
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