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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

But this is how we prove that we know everything.

i've been here for ten years, and I only only found out a month ago that Kim had been banned form the set for chronic lateness, which meant that there were kimless episodes out there on purpose and not accidentally Kimless.

(Did Dawson get paid for episodes she wasn't in as her maternity leave?)

I mean what's worse for Garret?

(Garret is an anagram for regret. his parents could just tell something was wrong as soon as he was born. Regret Dick Wang. (his middle name is Richard. For realz.) The poor bastard didn't stand a chance... Okay "Gerret" but it's fricking close.)

Banned form the set, or an episode where he's paid 20 grand to wander around in the back ground with no lines like he's an extra because the screenwriter thought everyone else was more interesting to write for?
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