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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

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That Kes' character "wasn't working" was an excuse.
I don't think so. Jennifer Lien's a fine actress, but her character really didn't have much to do other than be somebody's girlfriend. I do think they were trying to find things for her to do like be the Doctor's assistant, be Tuvok's unofficial apprentice, and even have her be a gardener.
It should be noted that the "catsuit" was in an episode in which her character was possessed by somebody else. Afterwards, the so-called catsuit disappeared.

As far as the other episodes, they had to something with her, because the character was supposed to have a very short life-span, so she really should have matured by then.
It was originally Kim but was changed to Kes. *That* should say that the studio/writers felt Kim wasn't working, not Kes.
In your opinion, perhaps, but I'll have to side with the studio and producers on this one.

Well, the Doctor's main assistant is a pretty big job by itself.
Do you remember who was his main assistant after Kes left?
Plus, her rapidly developing psychic abilities offered plenty of storylines-she was no more difficult of a character to write for than Troi was on TNG.
I actually think they gave Kes psychic abilities in an attempt to make her like Troi--to be able to sense the presence or intentions of various mysterious aliens.
She had more to do at the point when she left than Neelix did. He wasn't even needed as a guide at that point. All he had left was being a cook and a self-appointed "morale officer."

Kes was more valuable to the crew than he was.
The studio and the producers felt differently.
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