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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Akira class starship
B is for Big Boobed Borg
C is for Chester (Liam Bilby's cat that O'Brien adopts)
D is for Damar
E is for the Enterprise E. NCC-1701E. Sovereign class.
F is for the 'Formal Dance in the bowling alley' (as decreed by Captain Kevin Thomas Riley)
G is for Gowron groped Geordi gingerly and George Takei said "Oh my!"
H is for Hover Ball (only ONE of the 'sports' that Picard could have enjoyed with a smokin' hot, accomodating Risian- if he would only have gotten his head out of his book, grabbed his Horga'hn, and gotten in touch with his inner James T. Kirk!)
I is for Ingraham B (site of mass insanity outbreak)
J is for Joyful Joval justifiably judging Picard jamaharaon-ready.
K is for Kelinda. One smokin hot Kelvan invader from the Andromeda galaxy that took over the Enterprise. Only to be outsmarted by Captain James T Kirk.
L is for a Lieutenant named Shea who was lucky enough to not have his dehydrated "essence" crushed into powder by those Kelvans. Unlike poor Yeoman Thompson.
M is for M-5
N is for Nero
O is for Odo
P is for Pavel Chekov
Q is for Quadrant. As in the USS Enterprise is the only ship in the quadrant. Again. As in the Alpha Quadrant? Is everybody else on vacation? I guess Risa's in the Beta Quadrant and the rest of the fleet is there for a giant beach party.
R is for Risa
S is for Sargon
T is for Tal Celes
U is for Undiscoered Country, The (film) plus the future of peace with the Klingons
V is for Veruul. A Romulan curse.
W is for "What?!"
X is for Xanthan bazaar. Where the Enterprise NX-01 went looking for Trellium-D but ended up with a concubine for Captain Archer.
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