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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

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Both the producers and the studio felt that the character wasn't working. When the character of Seven of Nine was conceived, there was already a sentiment by the studio that there were too many characters on the show as it was (i.e., they needed to trim the budget) and so someone had to go.
That Kes' character "wasn't working" was an excuse.
I don't think so. Jennifer Lien's a fine actress, but her character really didn't have much to do other than be somebody's girlfriend. I do think they were trying to find things for her to do like be the Doctor's assistant, be Tuvok's unofficial apprentice, and even have her be a gardener.
They were openly changing her in Season 3. She was put in a catsuit before Seven even arrived and they were maturing her character in episodes like "Darkling", "Before and After".
It should be noted that the "catsuit" was in an episode in which her character was possessed by somebody else. Afterwards, the so-called catsuit disappeared.

As far as the other episodes, they had to something with her, because the character was supposed to have a very short life-span, so she really should have matured by then.
It was originally Kim but was changed to Kes. *That* should say that the studio/writers felt Kim wasn't working, not Kes.
In your opinion, perhaps, but I'll have to side with the studio and producers on this one.
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