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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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You're missing the point about references to Fido.
No, you're completely and utterly missing my point. If Rick tells the others what the CDC guy told him, which is likely that everyone is infected, that group will lose all hope of a better tomorrow.

I'm not saying that it's completely impossible for humanity to recover. That has fuck-all to do with the series. The series is about this small group of people who's only hope is to survive and maybe one day see a better tomorrow.

Non-existent magical collars and non-existent super soldiers are going to save the day for these people. Nor is some comedy about a WWII atomic (I'm sorry, a "space radiation") fallout where they have these things and still have a shitty imprisoned existence. Fido has fuck-all to do with what I'm talking about. Ditto for their salvation through "shooting everyone who dies in the head." Those things aren't hopeful for Rick's group.
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