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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots!

I really, really need to replay that Reman mission - my prototype shield is the one I got at Commander, and it's laughably weak.

That said, the main draw for me about the Aegis shield is the bonus abilities from the whole set. I do notice the difference from having the 'reactive shielding' perk - particularly since it means I don't need to use weapon-specific defensive gear (shields/hull plating mainly), thus saving those slots on my ship for other things.

As I say, though, I could do with having a top-level Reman shield - I imagine that'd make the Ajax nigh-on indestructible...

And, since a post in this thread is nowt without screenies:

The Ajax near the new, improved Bajor!

Speaking of 'new, improved' - the new Defiant-style interior is amazing. All the rooms you'd expect are there, and unlike the TOS Constitution interior (which was pretty approximate, and had lots of STO features crudely shoe-horned into it, like the trophy wall), all the game-specific bits are really well-integrated, in a way that maintains the series-accurate look.

Case in point:

The new trophy room. Looks like a proper DS9-era set, doesn't it? Really pleased with how, with the right accolades on display, it actually looks like some kind of secure armory, with all kinds of foreign gear under lock and key. Kudos, Cryptic, for a really slick marriage of Star Trek from with STO function - bravo!

Oh, and, while I'm at it, how about these? :

Workbees, Shuttles and D-12s? Oh, my!!
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