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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots!

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The new Valeyard... after some lovely upgrades lol



Got one of those myself, recently - the U.S.S. Yamato (named both for the historical and anime ships of the same name, plus the Enterprise-D's ill-fated sister). Bit on the slow side for me, though - particularly when turning. Instead, I bought me this:

Introducing my new baby, the U.S.S. Ajax (NCC-95650). Fully MVAM-capable, armed to the teeth, and turns on a dime - and perfectly suited to making mincemeat of Borg flagships:

New baby made me proud!

Looks particularly good when using the Aegis shield effect along with 'Mask Energy Signature' - looks like something out of 'Tron: Legacy':

Also got a new Type-10 shuttle (the 'Grissom', which seemed appropriate for obvious reasons), my previous command, the Luna-class U.S.S. Apollo (a shout-out to Sean Tourangeau's 'Lunar-class' variant prototype), and the Galor-class U.S.S. Tora Ziyal:

Honestly can't get over how much better STO is since I last played - simply from a visual standpoint, not even taking into account things like the DOFF system. From the revised Bajor/DS9 space maps, to the beautiful new Bajor ground/Defiant interior zones, it's all just so... ...Trekky, in the best possible way.

More piccies later - I've got some mission replays that need attending to. This game doesn't play itself, after all!
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