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Re: Yourself in Star Trek Online?

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Holy Shit, your graphic settings are impressiv.
Gee, thanks! That said, in the interests of full disclosure, I did whack all the graphics settings up to full, to the point where my PC ground to a halt almost entirely. Fine for screenshots, but terrible for gameplay, where it takes a good hour to walk around a room due to the lag... least, until recently - I don't know what Cryptic's done, but since returning to the game this year, I can turn everything up, and it all work perfectly. Haven't needed to set lighting to 'low' once - it's all really smooth, even in combat or crowded social zones.
Not bad, considering that officially, STO shouldn't work on my machine at all - because apparently, my graphics card isn't up to spec...

Seeing as that 'photo' is almost a year old (yikes! ), here's a more recent shot - making good use of the SPIFFY new Defiant interior:

In a word: YUM.

( which I'm referring to the interior, not my XO - minds out of the gutter, people!)
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