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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Venom #13.3 - This issue deals entirely with the "death" of our heroes last issue. How Mephisto plans to use them all utilizing his greatest tool of course...The Deal. The one tidbit of a reveal I enjoyed was that Blackheart was actually Adam in disguise. Adam was the cult leader who hand picked Alejandro to be the GR. Knowing that Adam was Blackheart makes all kinds of sense now cause I'd been wondering just how this Adam could dictate where Zarathos was, how Adam could remove the bonding from Blaze.
Not sure I like the idea of our heroes making a deal with Mephisto...for their souls? I mean to X-23 it's the thing she's most wanted to know she had. Now to just trade it in a deal? I'm still enjoying this story and the art is really good. Next issue our heroes will be back to life and "working" with Mephisto to thwart Blackheart's plan it seems. Those two are always in a power struggle with humans caught in the middle.
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