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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

On the DOFFs, I found that 125 or 150 is a good workable number.

More than that and you'll have doffs that aren't employed. Less than that and you'll be thin in a few areas. I try to have 3 or 4 DOFFs for most specializations. On specializations that correspond to the char's field, I may have more. That is a Tac char would have additional sec/tac doffs, Engr char would have additional engr/ops doffs and Sci chars would have additional med/sci doffs.

Next time you collect your doff rewards, stop and look at the entire roster:
- Do you have the doffs you need in your Space and Ground slots?
- Do you have extra rare or very rare doffs that could be better utilized on another of your characters? Just mail the doffs to them.
- Do you have too many commons or uncommon in a certain specialization? Send them to your other chars or sell on the Exchange then use the funds to buy what you need.
- You can pick up a few extra doffs from the doff POC for a small amount of dilithium. Recommend that you only do that for doffs to fill critical shortages though.
- You can also dismiss surplus doffs for a small amount of dilithium.

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