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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

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It makes me wonder though how Garak could be in more episodes than Jake, when the former is a recurring character and Jake a regular. I bet the answer isn't simple, but it is kind of funny. Nog and Damar also appeared in more episodes than Jake in the last two seasons as well, I think.
There must be hierarchies of "regulars." But I think it just comes down to the writers knowing that Jake wasn't an important character, and not trying to overuse him.
the writers openly admit they dropped the ball when it came to Jake and that it was no fault of the actor or the character. They admitted they were the ones that failed in their duty.
Yeah, I read that part on memory alpha. Still, I wonder why Garak wasn't upgraded to regular status and/or Jake wasn't demoted to recurring status.

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It was that 50 most beautiful people of Hollywood, and he was the token Asian on the list. Paramount felt that would look bad to fire him or that having him on was an asset. Digging around, it was People magazine. Influential? Not on regular people, but on Hollywood studios? Maybe. Looks like the issue came out around early May 1997. The Asian-American community really liked it because for them "finally" an Asian male made the list. Here's the list:
#1-10: Winona Ryder, Toni Braxton, Brad Pitt, Claire Danes, Michael Flatley, Roma Downey, Cuba Gooding Jr. The Spice Girls, Oscar de la Hoya, Marie-Chantal
#11-20: Tom Cruise, Mia Hamm, Jared Leto, Juliette Binoche, David Chokachi, Gwen Stefani, Garret Wang, Lauren Bacall, Tom Ford, Lisa Kudrow
#21-30: Oprah Winfrey (her influence probably got her on that list out of fear on the magazine's part), Rebecca Romjin, Matt Lauer, Leonardo diCaprio, Jennifer Lopez, Andre Braugher, David Baldacci, Kristin Scott Thomas, Harrison Ford, Gillian Anderson
#31-40: Paul Sereno, Jacinda Barrett, Derek Jeter, Michelle Yeoh, Deana Carter, Jeff Gordon, Liv Tyler, Kramer de los Reyes, Lucy Lawless, Jeanine Pirro
#41+: Drew Barrymore, Christopher Cuomo, Gavin Rossdale, Pattie Maes, Jim Carrey, Vivica Fox, where I copied the list from stops numbering and formatting goes wonky from there.

Wang was #17. Look who he was put above: Rebecca Romjin, Leonardo DiCaprio, Harrison Ford, Gillian Anderson, Lucy Lawless, Drew Barrymore, Jim Carrey. He wasn't just on the list, he was in the top 20. Obviously many would take exception to the list and that ordering of the list (I'd imagine many women in the '90s who read People were pissed Duchovny didn't make the list).
Yes, I think we'd have to take into account the timing here as well. As you point out, the issue came out in May 1997. Both DS9 and Voyager were pretty well respected critically (ratings be damned), First Contact came out a year before, and Trek was still in the midst of its wave of popularity and power. If a major mainstream magazine -- and let's remember that printed media was much bigger and more widespread in the 90s than it is now -- recognizes Trek, *especially* for something other than sci-fi, it's something that Paramount can plan around to draw in a wider audience.

Funny enough, whatever momentum People Magazine provided for the writers was pretty much squandered anyway. For all the attention Garrett Wang received, you'd think that would be a sign to overhaul the character in some way, especially if the goal was to streamline the cast yet capitalize on the attention.
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