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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

J. Allen wrote: View Post
I'm saving up dilithium to exchange for C-points so I can buy more space for my Doffs. I never thought I'd pass 100 slots, but man, I'm already there.
Heh. I know the feeling.

intrinsical wrote: View Post
I find 100 to be a nice number and don't need more since I can only send my doffs out on a maximum of 20 assignments. With another 10 doffs on space or ground duty, I typically have the remaining 40-50 doffs just idling around doing nothing. Instead, I now try to maintain an even number of doffs of each type as I slowly increase the number of uncommon/rare/very rare doffs. Besides, dismissing a doff earns me development xp so I don't find it a loss.
I'm actually debating into acquiring 100 doffs more AND 25 more doff mission slots, but the dil grind for that is somewhat annoying. I want to get all renowns, already have two (delta volanis and rolor nebula), plus the "guinan" doff.

On the Contraband, I tend not to part with it, because it's needed for the "build turret/platform from prototype plans" doff mission. I have 11 assorted turret plans waiting to get the mission to build them, and about 25 contraband. I have two already built.
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