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Re: Was Lt. Carey screwed over in Voyager?

I never really cared about Carey. What bugged me was that blonde science officer. You never saw her face in focus, and she never said a single line... but she was a bridge officer!

Fun fact about the "night shift" or whatever... in the navies (all of the NATO ones AFAIK), they call them "watches" instead of shifts, and they have them set up so that you're always moving up one watch every time. Even though there's no night on a starship, it makes sense that they'd do that, so that you wouldn't always getting the 12-4 AM watch. This brings me to another thing that bugged me about Voyager: whenever something unexpected happened it was always the same group of people on the bridge. What, do they drop out of warp when they're sleeping? Once in a while, I would have liked to see Janeway have to get out of bed for the latest anomaly or attack.
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