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Re: Top Ten Worst Episodes?

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My list is:

1.The Way To Eden

2.The Omega Glory

3.Charlie X


5.Charlie X

6.Charlie X

7.Charlie X

8.Charlie X

9.Charlie X

10.Charlie X

So yeah I'm a big Charlie X hater.And in the same episode; seeing Kirk in those tights DID NOT help. And because of my intense hate for Charlie X I did not have room for And The Children Shall Lead or that episode witht he people with the black and white faces. Cna't remember the name of thaat episode.
I actually like The Way to Eden and I am 100% with you on your hatred of Charlie X.
thanks for the support on Charlie X I do however know that a lot of people like The Way To Eden I just didn't a matter of personal tastes though.But I did forget Mudd's Women but Charlie X takes the cake sorry I don't like The Way To Eden
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