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Re: Yourself in Star Trek Online?

Just got back into STO recently, what with the 2nd Anniversary (and the free Odyssey-class ship!), the transition to Free-to-Play (which helps, since paying a monthly sub hurts my wallet), and improvements like the new Featured Episodes, the MVAM Prometheus-class*, the awesome Defiant interior set, the Duty Officer system, etc. It's gotten a lot better, and a lot Trekkier, to say the least.

Anyhoo, my primary character (not my Cardassian/Klingon characters, obviously) is meant to be me, or as close as possible using the character creator. Got pretty close, IMO, and in a funny way, I look more like my character now than I did two years ago. Gym sessions and a sharp haircut will do that to a guy...

And no, I'm not the comely Andorian with the bangs - that'd be my 1st Officer. I'm the short, bewildered blonde guy with the Lt. Cmdr. pips, looking just as uncomfortable in a uniform as I would in real life...

*got one myself - the newly-minted U.S.S. Ajax. It's a fantastic ship - makes mincemeat out of most threats, and it's fast. Lots of fun to fly - even took down a Borg flagship yesterday, which made me all kinds of proud.
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