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Re: the next Trek TV series preview discussion

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I would like to thank Temis the Vorta for his thoughtful post.
You're welcome and it's "her" - aren't the avatars kind of a giveaway?
Not really. A lot of self-identified males have female avatars - something I could never wrap my mind around, btw.


It could be 2-4 years
It could just as easily be 20-40 years from now.

How do you think the next Trek TV series will specifically get promoted?
The Internet. That's about all I can say, since I'm not even convinced there will be a new series in even ten years. Why not keep people on a diet of shelling out $10+ per ticket in the theaters, and buying Blu-rays afterwards? That was a winning strategy for STXI, you know.

By the way, does anybody know how much money ENT has made?
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