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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

10. Blood Simple (A-)
11. The Big Lebowski (B+)
12. West Side Story (A-)
13. The Hours (A-)
14. Lady and the Tramp (B)
15. An Officer and a Gentleman (B)
16. All Quiet On The Western Front (A)
17. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (B-)
18. Spellbound (B+)

My fifth Hitchcock film (which, apart from Rear Window, has been his not-quite-as-famous movies, and ironically the most famous one was the one I recall liking the least), the second to star Ingrid Bergman - here acting opposite Gregory Peck in one of his first big roles. I've typically thought of Peck as not an especially deep actor; he trades more on an unshakeable sense of morality. However, this is the most nuanced performance I've seen him give, but his nobility also serves the character since it helps the audience accept Ingrid Bergman's rather, ah, unprofessional conduct. Bergman is wonderful. Michael Chekhov's Oscar-nominated supporting performance is also a lot of fun (the film is surprisingly comic in places; it also inexplicably has a four-minute musical intro, like this was an historical epic). My main points against it relate to its portrayal of psychoanalysis and psychoanalysts, which (despite the presence of a consultant), feels very inauthentic, and given that so much of the drama revolves around it, that's a bit of a handicap. Bergman's handling of the climax also feels rather contrived for dramatic purposes.

Cinema: 5
Home Video: 11
Computer: 2
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