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Re: Why was Kes written off the show?

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Right on both accounts, I believe. However, Sandoval still has a point. Jennifer wasn't in a top 50 of good looking folks, Garrett was. One might even argue if keeping an actor based on looks is in itself the opposite of being PC, despite Garrett being Asian, but I digress.
Sex appeal has always been a major factor in selling Trek to the public. Every show be they male or female has always had a sex symbol type character. Look on all the TV shows, how many ugly people are on TV? Even the old people are pretty.
While this is true Trek itself is pretty sexless. You want sexy moments in Trek you have to pretty much subtext it. I think the brief scene with Juilian and Ezri in bed when they finally got together in DS9 is the single sexy moment in all of Trek that doesn't requite a lot of fannish reading into everything.

Star Trek is quite hampered by this and if there is another series they will have to sex it up literally IMO. People are just used to quality, good looking sexy television nowadays.
Well, Trek is supposed to be family friendly. So sexiness is kept to a simmer because of that. Too much sexuality, like on ENT. offended many people who had watched Trek for years with their kids.
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