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Re: Star Ship AJAX Production

J.C. England wrote: View Post
Scienceguy - the reason for the casting, more male
than female, is because our production is being created
as though it were made in 1967-68. The first pilot "The
Cage" had an overwhelming male cast & 2 female officers.
"Where No Man Has Gone Before" didn't improve the
female cast much, either. Although, I do want everyone
to know, only the very top characters are set in stone
as far as being male or female. Other characters, may very
well change from being male to female or vice versa. We
still have quite a ways to go.

Good question.

and P.S.
Personally, I DO want more female characters
than we have listed. Its' just a template for now.
...and admittedly, the female characters we do have are all very strong and in major positions on the of which is a terrific surprise from Trek's past. The second tier characters could go either way, male or female, so I imagine that as people audition those options will be open... Just sayin....

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