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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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Did you even see the movie? In that universe every one is infected (and yes I realize it is a comedy but isn't everything)
And in possession of uber magic technology that neuters the threat. And for when that fails (which it does) there's a highly organized, super-equipped task force at the ready to step in. Neither of which exist in The Walking Dead.

Is that clearer?

If the Walking Dead has magitech collars and a megacorporation with super soldiers available for immediate deployment at every population center, then sure, Fido would be a decent reference. But it doesn't. Nor will it ever. Especially the magic collar bullshit.
You're missing the point about references to Fido.

You have argued that TWD universe is never going to find a way to adapt. That there is no hope. You have implied, if not outright said, that a society would never be able to adept to a zombie virus.

Others have pointed out that certain measures could, over time, allow society to reestablish itself. Among the measures would be learning how to prevent reanimation by specific post-mortum actions (head trauma, etc.) and setting up organizations to contain any new outbreaks before they can spread.

In reference to this possibility, one of the examples cited by people, myself included, is the film Fido.

Fido takes place a few decades after a zombie apocalypse and, while parts of the world are still "hell on earth", in other ways society has found methods to adapt. One of the ways they've adapted is very specific funeral arrangements to avoid reanimation. Another is the development of trained experts/technicians who can be called in to neutralize the threat.

Yes, a third way in that film is the "magical collar" that turns zombies into pets. But even if you discount that part of the story, it is still about people adapting in ways that aren't outside the possibility of the TWD universe. It is those other adaptions in Fido that we are discussing.
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