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Re: Would it really matter if the next Trek series were on linear TV?

That is definitely a big problem, but it won't raise the amount people will pay because consumers will become confused, and a confused consumer is a non-consumer. People will simply just not opt for any of the services and the whole industry could stagnate.

This is the only way forward: one-stop shopping for every damn thing a person can reasonably think of, from Hollywood blockbusters to HBO miniseries to some obscure documentary to Bollywood musicals, etc. Not everything needs to be included, that's an absurd hurdle, but as long as people can find 99% of whatever they'd think of, that's effectively "everything." Sorting mechanisms can solve the problem of confusion and chaos in trying to zero in on what an individual wants, so that's not an issue.

What the industry cannot afford to happen is nonsense like Starz pulling Sony and Disney movies from Netflix streaming and making you pay for a different service. People don't go to the cineplex and have to worry what studio made the movie they want to see, so why should they worry about that when everything moves to streaming? Consumers get nasty when they perceive that they're getting a worse deal than what they used to get - Netflix can tell us all about that!

I can see why Starz did that, because they don't think Netflix is giving them a good enough deal, and Netflix doesn't want to anger their customers by raising prices for the stuff Starz controls (so they ended up angering them in a different way, hah!) All the jockeying for position is going to end up turning everyone into losers, both producers and consumers.

But YouTube's pro-channel plans are doing an end run around this, because from what I can tell, they're free and ad-supported. If nobody needs to pay for a service, then they can't get angry that the service isn't giving them everything.
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