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Re: hi ho Silver, The Lone Ranger rides on....

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William Fichtner is cast as the villain!

I love that guy! Great casting.
I knew you would love this casting news. You are such a Prison Break fangirl.
I better be, that's my bf's most favoritest show ever. He won't stop yakking about it even now, and unlike me, he actually believes it was excellent for the whole run and not just the first season.

Prison Break alums are on a roll! Robert Knepper has been cast as...wait for it...a cult leader/serial killer! Well there's a stretch. And it's on the CW, this I gotta see. (Since T-Bag is my bf's favorite character, now he has to watch a show aimed at 14 year old girls, ha!)

I like all your suggestions, Captaindemotion, but here's the one that must happen: Johnny Depp as Weyoun in DS9: The Movie!
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