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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

I remember reading this in the companion now - it's all coming back to me!

I love the idea of a civil war, and it's the sort of thing I would have been happy to see rather than the Klingon schenanigans. I agree that having it all introduced in a cliffhanger might have been a bit too much too soon, but it would have been a very bold move.

The Klingon stuff was done well, and it tied into the long-term Dominion storyline. It just diverted the series off it's intended course, and I guess we'll never know whether it was for better or worse.

Aside from feeling this, I'm very happy with what we got inspite of this. I understand how Worf and the Klingons were there to shore up the ratings, and the writers probably made a 'duff' situation work for them. And don't think that I'm belittling season four, as it's full of great episodes.

If I'm repeating themes I've already hammered home a few times now in this thread I apologise.
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