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Re: Die Hard V - Oh, it's happening!!!

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The Star Wars series?
Vader is not the protagonist. I don't care how many times Lucas says he is.
Hence my 'tongue out' smiley!

And anyway, as has already been pointed out, both McClane kids appeared in the original movie.

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Jack has been cast. Jai Courtney lands the role of McClane Jr for Die Hard V.
Australian actor Jai Courtney ("Spartacus: Blood and Sand," "One Shot") has been officially announced to play John (Jack) McClane, Jr., the estranged son of Bruce Willis' iconic action hero John McClane, in the upcoming "A Good Day to Die Hard" at 20th Century Fox.
Um - this was pointed out a day or two and page or two back.

Never seen this guy in anything. Is he any good?

And it looks like they're rehashing the 'estranged offspring' storyline. Would it have been so awful to have made the McClane father and son pals from the outset?
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