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Re: Would it really matter if the next Trek series were on linear TV?

with this news today this thread becomes all the more relevant.
Google Is Launching A TV Service This Year on Google Fiber their broadband Internet service with Kansas City as the first city.

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as I mentioned in the provider for new Trek series as original series download thread the idea
the dream of an la carte cable service?
so be a subscription for a season of a show or a premium channel subscription that includes a new Trek series in say 5 years we are talking about a new landscape where 500 cable channels only get more niche. Why not 2 or 3 science fiction channels on something like Google's cable-TV-like package.

With rumors in the TV industry that Apple is making a television type device with the intention of Internet subscription service akin to Netflix and Hulu Plus for 2012-2013 deployment. Actually one of the reasons Apple has for becoming a major player is Top-of-the-Line Pay TV Integration.
Although you have heard of this too:
If you’re looking for a real Netflix competitor, you’ll have to wait until later this year when Verizon and Redbox plan to debut their co-branded streaming service.
This is all good competition and this may all be bleeding-edge of technology now...but it may become mainstream by the time the next Trek TV series is ready for preproduction.
With major cable television providers like Comcast's Streampix $5./month service offering more on-demand programming on cable TV boxes as well as through an X-Box360 surely a subscription is easy to do for a season pass of a particular TV show that isn't even on a linear channel.

Sure in some foreign countries it will be on TV but there is no guarantee it will be on a linear TV channel here in the USA.

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