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Re: Charting the Novel-verse

With regard to the "That Which Survives" issue and others, I generally find it's best to treat all numbers in Star Trek as suggestions or placeholders rather than strictly accurate information, whether it's stardates or warp factors or distances or whatever. I pay a little more attention to stardates in the 24th-century novels, because many of us are working from a common theory based on this stardate calculator (or at least using the same calendrical assumptions), so there's some consistency going in. But otherwise I pay little attention to stardates and other problematical numbers. (I tried to come up with some way to systematize TOS/TMP-era stardates for Forgotten History, but it was impossible. Even the multiple stardate references within TMP itself are profoundly contradictory, with time intervals between log entries suggesting anywhere from 3.75 hours to over 32 hours per stardate unit.)
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