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Re: So who's buying the Playstation Vita?

My Vita arrived yesterday but I haven't played it a whole lot yet. At first, what little I played with it, it seemed like a pretty impressive product. The screen is gorgeous and it seemed very intuitive.

However I dl'd a demo for Unit 13 from the PSN store and that caused some major issues. First the demo itself wouldn't play properly as there was no sound from it, then eventually it just froze all together. I exited out, tried to restart the demo, with no luck, and then finally I tried to shut the Vita down and couldn't. Ended up having to call Sony and figuring out how to do a hard reset. It APPEARS the issue is isolated that one demo, and the customer service guy claimed to have had other calls about the demo, and it's running fine now (I completely deleted that demo).

Not a very good start for me. My advice to anyone thinking about getting a Vita. Wait a little longer, they clearly don't have everything worked out yet.
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